Direct Messaging Test PKI Trust Anchor Certificates

The EMR Direct Root Certificate below is used for issuing all other certificates in our test PKI. If your system is not capable of building a certificate chain using information in the AIA extension, you may also need to install the Intermediate Certificate(s).

For information about our production PKI, please go to

EMR Direct Test CA
(Root Certificate)
Valid until: 06/Sep/2032
Serial #: 1
Thumbprint (keyid): 31:D6:84:2F:49:98:6E:00:01:D0:67:A1:F8:9E:1C:B0:6F:A7:A2:AC
SHA1 Fingerprint (DER file): 06:75:2E:BB:EC:82:FA:05:62:17:A4:05:28:AD:3B:62:BC:19:C9:62
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EMR Direct Developer Sandbox SubCA2
(Intermediate Certificate)
Valid until: 15/Mar/2022
Serial #: 2585e01ec4042bc8 (hex)
Thumbprint (keyid): 3F:D0:16:75:92:AB:AF:45:CB:83:5E:0C:3E:22:D5:B1:3C:EE:2F:63
SHA1 Fingerprint (DER file): F5:E9:24:D5:F5:EF:9F:20:CA:CA:3A:8B:05:4F:79:F9:A7:A4:02:2D
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